World’s Scariest And Spooky Forests-Part 1

The presence of paranormal objects around us cannot be denied. Haunt is an important element of life which cannot be overlooked. Science has explored and proved the presence of spirits in various haunted places. Today we will take a look on some of the scariest forests and woods in the world.

Spirits are thought to acquire places like forests, woods and vacant buildings. Such places where spirits and ghosts are doubted to be present are called haunted places. You never know what the mystery behind the myth is and if it is true or just rumors. Let us try to know some mysteries behind the scariest forests and the proofs or evidences of paranormal activities there.

1) Dering Woods, Pluckley Kent UK

Dering Woods in Pluckley Kent UK famous by the name of ‘Screaming Woods’ is one such forest you would never want to go to. The village was actually was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the ‘Most haunted Village in Britain’. The woods are just south of the village. It is reported that deadly screams are heard from the forest late at night. The myth behind the haunt is that a highwayman was killed there with a sword by the villagers.

The Screaming Woods

haunted forest

Dering Woods

haunted woods

2) Aokigahara Forest, Mount Fuji Japan

Aokigahara Forest in Mount Fuji Japan is well-known by the name of ‘Suicide Forest’. Reports say that more than 500 suicides have taken place in those woods. The unsettled ghosts are said to occupy the woods and howl their sufferings on the wind. The trees are said to have malicious energy in themselves accumulated from centuries of suicide. In Japan this forest is said to be the most haunted place.

Aokigahara Forest

haunted forest

The Suicide Forest

haunted woods

3) Hoia Baciu, Romania

Hoia Baciu, Romania is said to be a kind of Bermuda Triangle on land. At the centre of the forest there is a circular place where all vegetation is dead. It is reported that people who visit there often feel intense headaches and skin burns. Mysterious footsteps are often heard from there and people who enter the forest vanish mysteriously never to come back.

Hoia Baciu

haunted forest

Romania Forest

haunted woods

4) Epping Forest, Essex UK

Epping Forest in Essex UK is a place more associated with crime rather than haunt. It is burial area for murder victims. A famous highwayman with his partner had a hideout there and later on an investigation was done to find his corpse. There are some ghost strange stories also associated with the forest. People claim that at the road your vehicle is mysteriously pulled uphill when put in neutral. Nothing can be said with surety may be the uphill is an optical illusion or what. That specific area is called Hangman’s Hill.

Hangman’s Hill

haunted forest

Epping Forest

haunted woods

5) Freetown State Forest, Southeastern Massachusetts, USA

Freetown State Forest in Southeastern Massachusetts, USA is a part of what paranormal investigators call the ‘Bridgewater Triangle’. Paranormal activities have been reported in this forest since old. It was purchased by Wampanoag Tribe in 1659 and it is said to be cursed for the reason that the tribe may not have backed the deal. It was after which the place become haunted and notorious. The forest is said to be the centre of murders, crimes and satanic rituals.

Freetown State Forest

haunted forest

Bridgewater Triangle

haunted woods


We will share  part two of this post. Stay tuned to forest wonders for more wonders

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