25 Best Quotes Of Hazrat Ali (A.S)

Hazrat Ali (A.S) was the son of Hazrat Abu Talib.His mother name was Fatima daughter of Asab Ibn Hashim Ibn Manaf.Abu Talib was the uncle of Hazrat Muhammad (Sawas).His laqab(title) was Al-Wasi, Amir al-Mu’minin and kuniyat was Abul Hassan and Abu Turab.He was born in the kabbah in thirteeth day of the month of Rajab.Nobody before or after him has ever been born in the House of God.He was the first male whom the Prophet, may God bless him and summoned to Islam and who answered.He was the only man to be born in the kabbah.

There are many sayings and Quotes of Imam Ali (A.S).

Silencehazrat ali best quotesLife

hazrat ali best quotesSmile

hazrat ali best quotesLove in Heart

hazrat ali best quotesSecrets

hazrat ali best quotesBest Revenge

hazrat ali best quotesBest Quote

hazrat ali best quotesDecision

hazrat ali (a.s) sayingsFriendship

hazrat ali (a.s) sayingsDifficulties

hazrat ali (a.s) sayingsHumans Attitude

hazrat ali (a.s) sayingsWise Sayings

hazrat ali (a.s) sayingsNoblest Heritage

hazrat ali qolsKinds of People

hazrat ali qolsGood Manners

hazrat ali qolsForgiveness

hazrat ali qolsTrue Friend

hazrat ali qolsEvil Nature

best quotesBest Saying

best quotesArguing

best quotesNobility Traits

best quotessuccess Key

best quotesWisdom

best quotesZulfiqar

best quotes

 Closer to Deathhazrat ali sayings

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