25+ Beautiful collection of White Polar Bear

The Polar bear is a carnivorous bear. They lives in the arctic circle. Polar bear adapted many body characteristics to live in cold temperature, for moving across snow, ice, and open water. Most of bears born on land but they spend most of their time at sea. Polar bear preferred their hunting food from the edge of the sea ice.

Polar bear is the carnivorous bear and they mostly eat beard seals. Polar bear hunt the seals mostly when they came out from the ice for breath or for rest. The polar bear most common hunting method is still hunting. In this method bear uses its excellent sense of smell. The polar bear also hunts by stalking  seals resting in the ice. A third hunting method is to raid the birth lairs that  female seals create in the snow. Polar bear cover their black nose with their paws when they hunting.

It’s a brief description about the white polar bear. I am collecting some beautiful pictures of polar bears. You can download these pictures for the different purposes. Hope you will like this.

Roaring bear

white polar bear

Bear taking restwhite polar bear

Cute bearswhite polar bear

Eating bearwhite polar bear

Looking for huntwhite polar bear

Cute bearwhite polar bear

Cute baby bearwhite polar bear

Huntingwhite polar bear

Divingwhite polar bera

Baby bear playingwhite polar bear

Mother bear with babywhite polar bear

Bears fightingpolar bear

Bear palying

polar bear

Bears play with snowpolar bear

Sun bathingpolar bear

Mother with two cubspolar bear

Sleepingpolar bear

Small polar bearpolar bear

Swimmingpolar bear

Bears runningwhite bear

Jumping in waterwhite bears

Bear in waterwhite bears

Angry bearwhite bears

Baby bearwhite bears

Playing with ballwhite bears

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