25 Beautiful Collection Of White Tigers

The White Siberian Tiger is the biggest tiger in the world.The white siberian tiger rarely seen at all.There are 7 types of tigers in the various parts of Asia.The Siberian tiger is silent, powerful creature, beautiful and freighting, a tiger is not a hunter that chases its prey.White tigers have blue or green eyes.Tiger’s night vision are 6 times better than humans eye.The night vision they have helps them to hunt at night.Tigers have the largest canine teeth of all land-eating animals.They have 4 canine teeth that are in the front of there jaws.Their whiskers help them to avoid rocks, trees. Their ears are shaped like semi-circled. Tigers are warm-blooded animals.

White Siberian Tiger live in all climates.There are more than 100 white tigers in the world’s zoo’s today.They only live in Asia.They hunt people only if natural prey can’t be hunted any more.They eat deer, antelope, wild pigs, and wild cattle.They also eat small animals such as: monkey and frogs.They hunt at night when the animals are asleep so it is easier to hunt.The tigers swims in lakes if it’s to hot in the jungle.They leave their cubs from 18 months to 2 years old.There is all about the white Siberian tiger. Now you know almost all about the white Siberian tiger.

 Angry Tiger

White TigerBengali Tiger

White TigerTwo Tigers

White TigerTiger with green eyes

White TigerBaby Tiger

White TigerTiger in water

White TigerAnimated Tiger

TigersLooking For Hunt

tigersCute Tiger Babies

tigersTiger In Pool

beautiful white tigerTiger With Blue Eyes

beautiful white tiger3d White Tiger

beautiful white tigerWhite Siberian Tiger

white siberian tiger2 Beautiful White Tigers

white siberian tigerBlack Strips

white siberian tigerTigers Cubs

white siberian tigerSnow White Tiger

white siberian tigerCute White Tiger Baby

white siberian tigerWhite Cubs

tigersAngry Face

tigerTwo Tigers Playing

tigerTiger Plays With Her Cubs

tiger New Born Cubs

tigerBaby Tiger With Monkey

tigerSiberian Tiger

white tiger

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