20+ Best Windows 8 Wallpapers

Windows 8 is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft.Windows 8 Development started before the release of Windows 7.Windows 8 introduced the major changes in the windows operating system.Where windows was now competing with mobiles including Android and IOS.Windows 8 introduces some additional features like built-in antivirus software, sync apps, windows store etc.Windows introduced some new styles like windows store app,touched screen,x box, Widows 8 is available in four editions.Windows 8 is also available in tablets.The Windows 8 screen is tiled based.Each tiles based with specific apps.Task bar has no start button.

We are posting some wallpapers of windows 8.Some wallpapers are in new style.


Digital Wallpaperwindows 8 wallpapersNature

wallpapers of windows 8Wooden Forest

wallpapers of windows 8Car Wallpaper

windows 8 wallpapersLighting City

windows 8 wallpapersSimple Windows 8 Wallpaper

windows 8 wallpapersWaterfall

windows 8 wallpapersWindows Wallpaper

windows 8 wallpapers


windows 8 wallpapersDesktop Wallpaper

windows 8 wallpapersBlue Wallpaper

windows 8 wallpapersWindows Logo

windows 8 wallpapersWooden Wallpaper

windows 8 wallpapersShining Logo

windows 8 wallpapers8 Ball

pictures of windows 8Ultimate Picture

pictures of windows 8New Style

pictures of windows 8Microsoftpictures of windows 8Black Logo

pictures of windows 8Dark Windows Wallpapers

cool windows 8 picturesEarth Desktop Background

cool windows 8 picturesFish Desktop Wallpaper

cool windows 8 picturesBlack Edition

cool windows 8 picturesMulti Colors

cool windows 8 pictures

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